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Modular Duplex Universal SPUN 4

High capacity PVD coating systems allows a coat of up to 3000 kg in a single cycle. The table design on the SPUN 4 allows maximum flexibility in weight and shape of loaded parts, which is extremely important for coating service companies. Doors and sub doors allow a cathodic arc to take any shape. Any shape of sputtering sources is capable, including a cylindrical rotatable sputtering source.

The plasma managing system of this PVD coating machine allows coating deposition in highly concentrated and ionized conditions. This allows for deposition of dense coatings with low internal stresses. The duplex modular system enables a deposit of different coatings in the same machine and maximum loading flexibility.      


Description Parameters
Chamber volume 4.6m³
Chamber Dimensions 3.2m L x 1.5m H x 1.7m D
Effective Coating Area 2 zones diameter 1m x 0.8m
Number of Doors / Sub Doors 2/8
Coating Tables 2 Rotating table with 6 planetary tilted sub tables with adjustable angles (0 - 25 degree)
Table Diameter 1,000mm x 2
Maximum weight of the load per Table / Sub Table 2,500/350 lb
Maximum Load Per Machine 5,000 lb
Maximum part weight 2,000 lb
Maximum part height 700mm
Chamber / DoorMaterial Stainless steel
Maximum vacuum level 10-5 torr
Vacuum recovery time 60 min form atmosphere to working vacuum degree
Heaters Infrared heaters 60 KW evenly installed inside the chamber around each table
Process Temperature 150-650°C
Shields 2 sets
Gas Distribution System 6 flow meters
Cooling system SS water chanels
Vacuum system Mechanical pump, Booster Pump, 2 Turbo Pump (3,300 l/c)
Cathodic Arc Sources 180 mm diameter or circular, linear or cylindrical sputtering system replacing fully or partially cathodic arc sources 8-12
Rapid Plasma Heating System 1
Processes Direct PVD, Ion Nitriding+PVD, PECVD, DLC, Hybrid Processes, Ion Stimulated Diffusion
Maximum power 250 KVA

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