110 Sharer Rd, Woodbridge Ontario, L4L 8P4, Canada
Tel: (416) 213-9833
Quality system - ISO 9001

We offer application specific coatings for Metal forming tools and dies, punches, fine blanking tools, cutting tools, components, die - casting tooling, Plastic and Rubber processing tools.

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We offer high quality detonation spray technology coating services by applying unique multistage detonation technology.

Welcome to Sputtek Coatings

Sputtek is a surface treatment center which provides PVD and Thermospray detonation coating services. Sputtek operates in North and South America with the Head Office in Toronto Canada. Sputtek is developing coating technologies, designing and manufacturing equipment for PVD and Thermospray detonation processes. Sputtek provides services for Automotive, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, and other industries. Sputtek is always glad to work on coating and equipment developing side to meet customer expectations.


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