Sputtek Inc. understands that the coating industry is a highly dynamic one and that innovation is of the highest importance. Therefore, we are strongly dedicated to Research and Development (R&D) and we value the extensive engineering and science experience of our employees.

In support of our development, we constantly invest resources in our R&D capability -  technology, equipment and people. Moreover, using our own QA metallographic laboratory, we constantly assess new technologies and continually evaluate our New Product Development activity. As a result, we have been able to develop value-added coatings that meet both the performance and regulatory demands of our customers.

We are constantly evaluating new technologies and we are ready  to take on the challenges of designing customized products for new and demanding applications. Please feel free to contact us about developing surface solutions for your specific applications.

At the core of our achievements stands our scientists' extensive R&D experience. Through their efforts a proprietary technology Plasma Enhanced Cathodic Arc Process (PECAP™) has been developed which combines applied plasma-physics and metallurgy at highest level.

The uniqueness of our process resides on the usage of several mechanisms for additional ionisation and concentration of the plasma that results in deposition dense coatings with minimal internal stresses in the balance equilibrium conditions.

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