Our years of experience in the PVD coating industry allow us to design and build the PVD machines which are most appropriate for our customers’ specifications. All our machines are completely automated and - with our support – can be run without the need for highly experienced operators.  We are currently supplying two basic types of PVD machines.  The smaller device has a working volume of 1m3 and the larger one 1.5 m3.

Please note that, as well as volume restrictions, each machine has a maximum weight capacity: a single part up to 500 lb. or 1000 lb, respectively. Our machines are built on a modular basis and can be supplied with magnetron sources or rectangular cathodic arc sources or circular cathodic arc sources (3", 5",or 7"),.

Machines with circular cathodic arc sources use Sputtek’s unique PECAP™ technology. All machines are manufactured in cooperation with our Asian Partner.

The coating process is carried on fully automated deposition systems that together with the Software controlling systems been manu factured following our own design.

We designed 2 types of PVD machines, utilising PECAP™ technology, 1 m3 and 1.5 m3 equipped with cathodic arc circular sources. Also we are building PVD machines equipped with planar cathodic arc sources or sputtering sources or their combinations.

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