Aluminum die casting and extrusion

Increased abrasion resistance and high fatigue strength of the base metal
High protection against the erosion and soldering
Increased corrosion and thermal resistance
Enhancement of metal flow
Turnaround reduced with 25-30%
Unlimited number of re-coatings. 

Technical data:
Deposition temperature: 300 - 400 °C (570 - 750 °F)
Thickness of the coating: up to 15 microns (0.0006")
Hardness: up to 2500 HV020
Coefficient of friction: less then 0.1

DC 10

The new wear resistant coating developed by SPUTTEK is a combination of hard metalo-ceramic constituents of refractory metals. The coating is applied in one cycle and is based on our PVD proprietary technology. The coating's high hardness and low coefficient of friction increases the wear resistance of the tools during the material flow.

Moreover due to its composition the coating exhibits good oxidation resistance up to 600 0C and corrosion resistance in melt Al-alloys.

When applied on the tools used for die casting or extruding Al and Al alloy into molded parts the coating provides superior resistance to harsh conditions such as erosion, corrosion, creep and thermal fatigue.

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