Recommended applications:
Machining aluminum and its alloys, composite materials and other
    difficult to machine materials.


Reduced friction coefficient
Low affinity for aluminum
Improve chip formation
Limited built up edge
Excellent wear resistance

CUTEX 1 and 2

These are our latest high-performance coating for special applications. These coatings are designed for machining the newest hard to machine materials when the speed and efficiency of the process is diminished by the loss of cutting edge sharpness. Such materials tend to form quickly build ups on the edges and therefore the main objective of the coating is to ensure the edge preservation. As a result aluminum and its alloys and other soft and ductile "gummy" materials can be machined with improved efficiency.

Another group of hard to machine materials are the metal and the polymer composites. These materials are extensively used due to their high strength and light weight. However the parts can be damaged due to delamination during machining due to a combination between excessive cutting forces and loss of edge sharpness.

CUTEX 1 and 2 have both been designed for these two applications and their performance is explained by their excellent anti-abrasive and anti-adhesion properties. This in turn increases the tools' wear resistance under severe machining conditions for applications in aerospace and automotive industries.

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